Tonneau Covers come in various styles.

Soft and hard rollup covers along with folding and retractable covers.

Soft rollup covers

Currently the most common cover out on the market today. This low cost option gives you protection from the elements offering more versatility from your truck.

Hard rollup covers

All the convenience from a roll up cover with added security of a hard surface giving you a more protection and security.

Hard & Soft Folding covers

Folding covers come soft or hard, standing or removable.

Hard retractable covers

Hard covers that retract into a container at the front of your bed.
Available as manual or remotely powered.


Looking for One Piece Covers?

Soft roll up tonneau covers

A great affordable way to keep your cargo dry and out of sight from potential thieves. ACI the makers of Access brand offers a number of models within their soft cover category and is our number one seller. To find more information about these covers visit their website here. Another brand that offers soft roll up cover is Truxedo. Offering 2 models in their soft rolling cover line you can choose the LoPro with a profile of only 0.75″ above the bed rail. Or the Truxport that is unique for its top of the rail mounting design.

hard roll up tonneau covers

With aluminum panels that prevent cutting through the vinyl  for extra security and durability. BAK Industries offers the Revolver X2 with gloss vinyl finish and a silver underside. And the Revolver X4S with a matte finish and a black underside. Truxedo offers their model as the Sentry and the Sentry CT. The ‘CT’ designating the Canvas Top option. To get full details on these products click on the appropriate images to enter the websites. To find product number click on the model name above and the link will take you to the application page for that cover.

FOLDING tonneau covers

Folding covers come in soft or hard panels. Soft panels are typically mounted on top of the rail and hard panels are mounted onto rails that are mounted on the inside of the truck box. You can find both soft and hard folding covers from EXTANG as well as UNDERCOVER, AGRI-COVER, and BAK. Some hard covers are fully opened by propping up the 3 panels just behind the cab or removed completely.

RETRACTABLE tonneau covers

Comes in manual or remote power option. Pace Edwards and Retrax are the covers we sell in this catagory. Typically the canister will occupy around 9.5 to 11 inches square in your bed.